Lazy Buttons
Lazy Buttons
[2:41 AM]Key Reston: why is everyone talking about terraria when there's a new pokemon game today?
[2:41 AM]Lazy Buttons: What's a pokemon?
[2:41 AM]Lazy Buttons: is that some kind of pikachu?
[2:41 AM]Lazy Buttons: my favorite pikachu is Renamon
[2:42 AM]Key Reston: the urge to commit a murder is rising
[2:42 AM]Skyfall: Renamon, use Phoenix Down!
[2:43 AM]Key Reston: two murders.
[2:43 AM]Lazy Buttons: Phoenix Down is from a different japanese game tho
[2:43 AM]Lazy Buttons: the one that had Solid Snake
[2:43 AM]Skyfall: Time Crisis?
[2:43 AM]Key Reston: two murders, a Resurrection, and another murder
[2:44 AM]Lazy Buttons: nono, it was Xeno-something
[2:44 AM]Lazy Buttons: Final Xenoblade I think
[2:44 AM]Key Reston: godfuckingdamint
[2:44 AM]Blaze of Glory: Phoenix Down is a sequel to Black Hawk Down, yo!
[2:44 AM]Lazy Buttons: Or was it Persona
[2:44 AM]Skyfall: Aww, I was thinking that one with the Space Policeman.
[2:44 AM]Key Reston: jesus fuck
[2:45 AM]Key Reston: the amount of wrong here might cause me to have a mental breakdoen
[2:45 AM]Key Reston: breakdown
[2:45 AM]Key Reston: you fucking broke my typing skills
[2:45 AM]Key Reston: happy?
[2:45 AM]Harpy Cagewing: Dear lord I just read what ya'll said
[2:45 AM]Key Reston: motherfuckers
[2:45 AM]Harpy Cagewing: I think I had an aneurysm
[2:45 AM]Skyfall: 'Eh, I'll just go play Metroid Cart.
[2:46 AM]Key Reston: Harpy, up for a murder spree?
[2:46 AM]Lazy Buttons: And I'll go back to Castlevania, I almost got Master Sword there

@музыка: Adventure Club - Thunderclap

@настроение: loopy

@темы: random nonsense, RPGs, Lazy plays, FOE

2013-10-25 в 15:00 

I don't understand why is he so anxious, there's plenty of Renamon for everyone to love! Also when you get the Triforce of Metroid Megaman's a blast!

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